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We are a Talent Acquisition & Intelligence consultancy helping our clients win the war for talent

We do this through search, mapping, pipelining, salary benchmarking, location analysis, and transformational and real-time talent, business, and competitor insights.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

The rise of tools such as ChatGPT has led to organisations questioning how AI can be used across every aspect of the business. Explore how AI is being used in Talent Acquisition in our guide.

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Diversity and inclusion: how is your business performing?

Our research found that only 16% of HR leaders across 25 global organisations rate their D&I initiatives as highly effective. Our guide looks at the current trends and how organisations can hit their D&I targets.

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Our services

If you want to make key hires, either now or in the future, or if you’re looking for insights to guide your talent and business strategy, we can help.


Talent intelligence

Our real-time research into the external market reduces business risk and allows you to make smarter strategic talent decisions based on precise data gathered by our team of experts.

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Talent mapping

Detailed research provides a real-time view of the best available talent, combined with key insights about competitors, giving you the information to understand the market and approach candidates directly.

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Talent search

Helping you to recruit the best talent for an immediate need, our services are significantly more cost-effective than a traditional approach while providing a wealth of insights to guide your strategy.

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Talent pipelining

Our proactive research provides small, medium or large candidate pools for future talent needs, supplemented with valuable external market insight. This helps you to minimise business risk and plan for the future.

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An intelligent approach to recruitment and market insights

We focus on understanding the market as well as finding the best talent. Because we work differently, we can engage with passive candidates, deliver insights that improve your understanding of the market and ensure you have real-time, reliable data to drive business decisions.

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Our benefits

Our proactive approach unlocks value for our clients, finding exceptional people for their business, quickly and at a lower cost than traditional methods. This is combined with insights which help guide strategic thinking.

Client first

We take a flexible and bespoke approach to fit our clients' needs. Our focus is on partnering with organisations, not 'working for' them.

Added value

We deliver insights and market intelligence that can add significant value, help facilitate change and guide strategy.

Global reach

We’ve delivered research in over 60 markets across Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.


Resources and Insights

Insight is at the heart of everything we do. Stay up to date with the latest trends and research about talent.

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