Why us

If you have vacancies that you need to fill immediately, a talent search is a genuine alternative to expensive recruitment agencies. We proactively search the market to discover and hire the best talent for specific roles.

What does a Talent Search involve?

A Talent Search is a proactive approach to recruitment. We proactively scan the market for the best candidates, matching skillsets to existing roles in other organisations to create an overview of the available talent. Our approach means we can identify talent whether they’re actively seeking a new position or not, giving you a full view of the market. Once we have identified relevant individuals, we approach each person to gauge their fit for the role in question, interest level and expectations before shortlisting them as candidates.

We also offer a Talent Mapping solution for teams that prefer to approach candidates in-house. This provides you with all of the information and insight gained from the initial research phase of a talent search without the approach phase.

The benefits of a Talent Search approach

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More cost-effective than recruitment agencies

Our services are costed according to the work we do, rather than a percentage of the salary package. There are no hidden placement fees, so your costs will be significantly reduced. And since you have access to the full search report, you can fill more than one role from a search without paying extra.

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Confidentially explore the market

There’s a reason that many of the case studies on the website are unnamed. We’re often tasked with confidential briefs, so if you’re looking to recruit for sensitive roles or need to keep your activity confidential, our services can help. We can conduct our search without revealing a company name, never share information without your consent and take all necessary steps to ensure confidentiality.

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Insight to guide your talent strategy

A talent search uncovers a wealth of information you may not otherwise discover. From honest feedback about your brand to competitor data, including salary, benefits and structural information, we bring you insight that helps guide informed decisions in your business.

Have a question or want to discuss a project?

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Our team bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure that we find the best person for your business, whether they’re actively seeking a new role or not visible in the market.

How a Talent Search can help your business

Talent Search is a bespoke service designed specifically to meet your needs. Here are a few ways it can be used
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Filling senior roles

When an executive leaves the business, the talent gap must be filled quickly to minimise the business impact. However, it can take time to find people with the right experience and do so confidentially.

Our service finds individuals who match your criteria, including those who may not actively search for a new position. And because they are speaking to us directly, we can maintain confidentiality and keep your business anonymous until the right stage in the process.

This approach has helped our clients fill strategic roles, a role which had been vacant for over six months and recruit a senior leadership role during the pandemic.


Finding specialists or hard-to-recruit individuals

No matter your industry, certain roles and skill sets will always be hard to recruit. Often, this is due to a reactive strategy that relies on talent approaching a business.

Our talent search service turns this model on its head and offers a proactive solution to talent acquisition. We map the market for individuals who match your criteria and approach them to gauge their interest, skill sets and expectations.

This opens up a whole new pool of previously untapped talent and provides essential insight to allow you to shape an attractive offer. 

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Understanding the competitive landscape

Companies often approach us when they are struggling to fill roles and want to understand how they fare in the competitive landscape so they can shape a more attractive offer.

They may have an idea of the reasons, but without the right research, it can be difficult to pinpoint the driving factors. Our insights uncover the key factors influencing your recruitment, allowing you to make the right strategic changes to minimise these risks.

This insight also allows us to understand candidates more fully so we can focus on what’s important to them and ensure your role is filled.


Reaching candidates who aren't actively looking

The perfect person for your role may be working for a competitor and not actively seeking a new role. Approaching these individuals can be problematic. But because we are separate from your business, we can have those initial conversations.

Our research also uncovers individuals who may be perfect but are unknown to you and may not have applied through traditional means.

Why search for talent with Talent Insight Group?

Our clients know that making informed decisions relies on access to data, knowledge of the market and insights drawn from research. We listen and take time to understand your business so we can concentrate on what you want to know. Insight is at the heart of everything we do, so you can rely on us to give you the right information.

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Strategic, insight-driven approach

Everything we do is driven by knowledge. Our insights offer you external, verifiable research to allow you to understand the market, get ahead of your competitors and minimise risks.

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Global experience

We have experience of recruiting for roles across Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

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An extension to your team

Our team brings their expertise to your business, working in partnership with you. Our talent search service finds the right candidates, freeing you up to manage the rest of your job.

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Ongoing relationship with your business

Almost all of our clients have an ongoing relationship with us. We can continue to support you in filling future vacancies but our wider services may also help you with other needs.

Our process

We manage the whole process from start to finish, working closely with internal teams. We align our approach with your business, so each project is bespoke. But, in general, our process is to:

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Research the market

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Find the right individuals

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Approach and engage candidates

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Schedule interviews

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Manage offers

Talent search case studies

Saving time and money on recruiting senior specialist roles

We saved our client £36,500 vs a traditional approach in Austria and provided valuable business insights to guide their strategy.

Recruiting for a key role to lead transformation

Our client was undergoing a huge transformation which was impacting the entire organisation worldwide. They needed to find a senior leader to manage a key aspect of the transformation and asked us to carry out a global search to locate the right person.

Speaking to the best talent in the market

Our client reduced their costs by over 50% while gaining an understanding of the market and successfully filling the role.

What our clients say

“Thank you so much for all you have done. I shared the final search report with one of the assessors who said it was the most thorough she has seen.”

Head of Talent Acquisition

“We could have offered the role to all three of the shortlist candidates. We’re very pleased with the outcome and will definitely come back to you in the future.”

Board Director

“I’ve been really impressed with the service. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

Resourcing Manager

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