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The pandemic has changed the way we work. But with so many options available – hybrid working, remote working, a return to the office, relocation to a more affordable area – how can businesses weigh up the options and be sure they have the best approach?


Our insights help organisations make informed decisions on the location choices and working practices that impact their people strategy. 

Benefits for business

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Real-time, robust data

that provide actionable insights to guide your strategy and reduce risk in strategic decisions

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Understanding talent availability

in different locations and the impact of location choice on salary and total remuneration 

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Compare options

to ensure the best outcome and futureproof your workplace

Before 2020, only 18% of employees carried out any work remotely; three years later, research from Forbes puts that figure at over 28%.

The Future of Work Report

Our Future of Work report uncovers what exactly employees want, the office of the future and explores the opportunities that employers can expect.

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Insights and data to drive your location strategy

Talent Intelligence is a particularly useful tool for businesses considering their location strategy. Many organisations have experienced a shift in working practices, with increased remote and hybrid working reducing the use of expensive office space. As a result, leaders are considering relocation, downsizing, or completely restructuring the current space. 

Whether your business is growing and you’re looking to expand to new locations or considering a change to your existing space, we can provide the data and insight you need to make an informed decision. 

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Providing data about the best approach for your business

So many workplace options are open to organisations: hybrid working, remote working, relocation to save money and access new talent pools. This makes it difficult to evaluate the impact of each and decide what works best for your business.

We see different companies making different decisions – there is no consensus on the best approach. And under those circumstances, having the right data and insights is essential to making the best decision for your business.


Giving real-time insights into talent availability

Changing ways of working opens up new opportunities to find new talent pools, whether through relocation or by embracing remote working. Our service looks at data from each location, including talent availability, appetite, competition, salary and benefits.

Our in-depth research ensures that our clients can evaluate each location and understand the impact that relocating may have.


Understanding the impact of remote working

While the debate on the pros and cons of remote and hybrid working continues, it’s crucial for organisations to understand employee expectations and the opportunities that remote working offers. This includes access to a broader talent pool, potential cost savings on salary and lower overheads.

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Saving money by relocating

The trend to move offices out of capital cities began long before the pandemic. The benefits of doing so are clear in terms of cost savings, but deciding where to relocate to poses its own challenges.

Our insights allow you to compare and contrast the talent pool and make location decisions based on real-time market knowledge. We do this by comparing talent pool size and availability across a small number of locations and capturing public domain data and news. This mix ensures you have reliable data to make an informed decision, mitigating risk.

How we helped one of our clients

Our client was seeking insights to guide the decision about relocating certain business functions to another UK city. They wanted to understand the impact on talent, salary and reward and competition.

Location planning case study

What our clients say

“An incredibly comprehensive, thorough report, containing great case studies. I’m really impressed with how Talent Insight Group have told the story and nailed the narrative.”

Head of Talent

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