Why us

D&I is rightly at the top of the agenda for many talent and management teams. As companies face increased scrutiny about the levels of diversity in their workforce, it’s important that this is a focus.

The core foundation of any organisation is its workforce. Organisations who allocate the required resources and training to attract the right employees will thrive. To do this may require you to look beyond the traditional recruitment pool and understand who is available in the market. This is where we can help.

Benefits for your business

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Reach more diverse candidates

to build a stronger talent pool

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Get an understanding of the market

and see how the most successful companies approach their D&I activity

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Improve business performance

across financial measures, employee engagement and retention

We know that many organisations struggle to implement successful D&I initiatives. Our research with 25 global organisations found that while 92% said D&I was a focus for their business, only 16% highly rated their initiatives. 

How our services can help improve D&I

Our services help our clients to meet their targets and realise the benefits of a diverse workforce.


Understanding best practice

We partner with organisations to help them to create a strategy for diversity and inclusion. If you’re looking to assess your performance by benchmarking your D&I against competitors, we will use in-depth methods to help you understand the market, look for opportunities to innovate and identify risk factors which should be considered.

It allows you to understand your D&I initiatives in context, set clear goals and plan for the future.


Ensuring a diverse talent pool

We take a proactive approach to helping you meet your D&I objectives by mapping the market to identify a diverse pool of talent for your hiring requirements. This allows you to reach candidates who may be missed by a traditional approach.

Our approach fits seamlessly with your internal team and facilitates direct approach. If your internal Talent Acquisition team don’t have the capacity to approach directly, we can also manage this stage for you. We directly engage with candidates on your behalf, fully profiling and briefing them and placing them into your talent pipeline for future engagement.


Pipelining to increase future diversity

Diversity is a long-term focus so we can also support you with ongoing identification of diverse talent for inclusion in future recruitment campaigns. This normally takes place over a 6-to-12-month period. We take a modest, fixed number of research days each month to identify a diverse talent pool for a small number of specific job families.

Individuals are identified via online and telephone research techniques. You will receive monthly Market Mapping Reports containing comprehensive listings of the diverse talent in the external market. This allows you to ensure you have diverse and balanced shortlists for key roles and gives you market information to guide your strategy.

This approach can also be used where there is currently a lack of diversity in the marketplace for specific roles. By building relationships with people who are at a slightly more junior level, you can bring them on board as they develop.

Diversity and inclusion case studies

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Insights into diversity best practice

Our client wanted to understand the best way to manage D&I initiatives. Our research provided in-depth insights into best practice, helping them to benchmark their performance.

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Addressing diversity for senior level roles

We mapped the market to ensure our client could improve ethnic minority and female representation in senior manager, director and leadership roles and identify diverse future leaders.

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Identifying a diverse talent pool for a key role

Our client was seeking diverse range of individuals suitable for a new senior executive role. They approached us to map the market.

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What our clients say

“I can only say ‘wow’! You have generated a real set of diverse candidates. There is nobody I wouldn’t want to meet. This is a really impressive piece of work!”

HR Director

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