Why us

Talent services

Most businesses know it’s their people that make a real difference, helping the company to innovate, grow and meet targets. But in these uncertain times, it can be challenging to recruit the right talent, and to get the right data to make strategic decisions and remain competitive.

How our services can help you

Talent intelligence: understanding the market

Do you have the necessary insights to make informed strategic decisions? Our service offers answers to the key questions your business may have about talent. If it’s happening in your industry, we’ll tell you about it.

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Talent mapping: finding the best candidates for approach

Want access to the best talent and key insights about competitors, with the option of approaching, engaging and managing candidates yourself? Our mapping service provides what you need.

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Talent search: finding the best talent on your behalf

If you want the right talent without the high cost of a recruitment agency, our service finds and recruits the best available candidates. You’ll get valuable market insights too.

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Talent pipelining: preparing for future recruitment needs

If you’re growing the business and need candidates for future roles or you’re looking at succession planning or trying to minimise flight risks, pipelining helps you to be ready.

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Who we work with

Speaking to the best talent in the market

Our client reduced their costs by over 50% while gaining an understanding of the market and successfully filling the role.

Understanding the market to overcome hiring challenges

Our comprehensive research and insights put data against perceptions, resulting in improved employer branding, revised budgets and hiring strategies aligned to the location.

Uncovering insights to support with a contract bid

As part of a bid to take over a service contract at a major international transport hub, our client wanted to understand talent availability and the associated pay rates, all in just two weeks.

Why us?

We understand that choosing the right talent partner is important. We know that we’re representing your brand when we speak to candidates on your behalf – it’s something we take seriously. And you can trust our insights. We dig into the detail and hone in on what’s important, without losing track of the big picture.

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Benefits over a traditional approach

Candidate expectations are growing and companies need to adapt, while keeping costs and timelines on track. Our services take a proactive approach, finding candidates that may be missed with traditional methods. Our clients fill roles with exceptional people, and do that more quickly and at a lower cost.

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Better knowledge for strategic planning

We know it’s not only about filling roles, it’s also about understanding the market. That’s why, as part of our work, we uncover and share insights: about candidate expectations, your employer brand, competitor structures and activity, and talent opportunities. Your business will be well-placed to take advantage of this for the future.

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Collaborative, experienced team

We work closely in partnership with our clients to ensure that our services meet your needs. Every project is bespoke and we’re not afraid to question and make recommendations. We think there’s a reason that our clients come back to us time after time.