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Insight is at the heart of everything we do.  As well as carrying out bespoke research for our clients, we share the latest trends and information to help you to stay informed.

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The Future of Talent Acquisition

The rapid pace of technological advancement is transforming talent acquisition and the entire HR & TA landscape. Discover how Talent Acquisition leaders can adapt to structure their function for success and carve out an influential role at the highest level.

The Talent Acquisition Leader of the Future

Employee Experience

The upheaval in working practices created by the pandemic has disrupted the balance of how it is possible to work and the needs and wants of leaders. We believe the future of employee experience must lie in a personalised approach.

Creating a great employee experience

The Future of Work

Before 2020, only 18% of employees carried out any work remotely; three years later, research from Forbes puts that figure at over 28%. The experience of a flexible approach to work during the pandemic has shifted employee expectations of traditional office work.

Discover the office of the future

AI in Talent Acquisition

The launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has raised the profile of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, prompting many executives to question how this latest leap forward in technology can be used across every aspect of a business.

AI and Recruitment


Diversity and Inclusion

The benefits of a diverse and inclusive team are clear, both in terms of financial success and talent attraction. Embracing an inclusive environment where work is accessible and respectful of a range of human experiences benefits us all.

Improving diversity and inclusion

The Cost of Recruitment

How can HR and TA teams measure the typical costs within their business and, more importantly, how can they make savings while still attracting the best talent for the company? Uncover the hidden costs of recruitment and how to minimise them.

The cost of recruitment

Effective Onboarding

Onboarding is more than an orientation day, an induction pack or a week of training and meet and greet sessions. To succeed, onboarding must become the process of integrating a new employee, ensuring they are clear on their purpose and responsibilities.

Getting your onboarding right

Employee Value Proposition

65% of candidates report that they have withdrawn from a hiring process due to an unattractive EVP. Our latest guide explores the cost of low attraction, the six components that make a strong EVP and how you can develop your own Employee Value Proposition.

Build a strong EVP


Salary Benchmarking

Research shows the average cost of employee turnover is £30,614, and this number increases if you’re having to hire and train for a specialist role in your organisation. Read our guide to find out how benchmarking can improve your retention.

The benefits of benchmarking

Succession Planning

While most businesses recognise its importance, 60% of companies say they do not have a succession plan for their CEO and only 14% of businesses say they do well with succession planning as a whole. But succession planning is becoming more critical. Is your company ready?

Succession planning for future success

Workforce Planning

With ongoing uncertainty, how can HR and TA teams plan and prepare for the inevitable upturn? We look at how strategic workforce planning and proactive recruitment can help HR and talent teams to plan and to onboard the right talent for the future.

Workforce planning in uncertain times

HR at the top table

We look at the trends in HR representation at the top levels of the company, the reasons HR is undervalued and, most importantly, how HR teams can get their voice heard and raise their profile within their organisation.

The role of the CHRO

Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence encompasses every aspect of an organisation’s Talent Life Cycle. It brings together a whole range of data points relating to people, skills, roles, functions, competitors, and geographies to drive business decisions.

Discover Talent Intelligence

Workplace Wellbeing

According to a recent survey, the top factor being considered in future planning of the workplace was employee wellbeing. Discover why wellbeing has taken centre stage and what a wellbeing programme looks like.

Exploring workplace wellness

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