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Insight is at the heart of everything we do.  As well as carrying out bespoke research for our clients, we share the latest trends and information to help you to stay informed.

Key topics


Salary benchmarking

Research shows the average cost of employee turnover is £30,614, and this number increases if you’re having to hire and train for a specialist role in your organisation. Read our guide to find out how benchmarking can improve your retention.

The benefits of benchmarking

HR on the top table

We look at the trends in HR representation at the top levels of the company, the reasons HR is undervalued and, most importantly, how HR teams can get their voice heard and raise their profile within their organisation.

The role of the CHRO

Succession planning

While most businesses recognise its importance, 60% of companies say they do not have a succession plan for their CEO and only 14% of businesses say they do well with succession planning as a whole. But succession planning is becoming more critical. Is your company ready?

Succession planning for future success

Workplace wellness and wellbeing

According to a recent survey, the top factor being considered in future planning of the workplace was employee wellbeing. We explore why wellbeing has taken centre stage in 2022.

Workplace wellness in 2022


Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion remains in the news and has never been more important, affecting everything from employee perceptions to the bottom line. We share the latest trends and best practice to help companies become as inclusive as possible.

Improving diversity and inclusion

Future of the workplace

As companies make decisions about the future of the office and whether to adopt remote or hybrid working, we look at the implications for businesses about where and how to work, the implications and how to make the best decision for the future.

The future of work

The cost of recruitment

How can HR and TA teams measure the typical costs within their business and, more importantly, how can they make savings while still attracting the best talent for the company?

Reducing the cost of recruitment

Workforce planning

With ongoing uncertainty, how can HR and TA teams plan and prepare for the inevitable upturn? We look at how strategic workforce planning and proactive recruitment can help HR and talent teams to plan and to onboard the right talent for the future.

Workforce planning in uncertain times

Working with us

Whether you need the right talent for your business, are seeking independent research to guide your strategy or planning for your long-term recruitment needs, we can help.
See why our clients choose us:

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An experienced team of experts

Our team brings a wealth of industry knowledge and talent expertise to your project.

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Insight at the heart of everything

Whichever service you use, we ensure that we share real-time, robust data and recommendations to help you make better strategic decisions.

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An alternative approach to recruitment

With no placement fees and a different pricing model, our clients can make significant savings. Our approach is strategic and our reach is global.