Why us

A talent map is an in-depth research project that identifies the talent that meets your brief by scanning the whole market.


Rather than hoping that suitable candidates will see your ad and approach you, the talent mapping process identifies relevant individuals, whether or not they are actively looking for a new role.

Talent Mapping vs Search

We recognise that in-house talent acquisition teams may want to approach, engage and manage potential candidates themselves. Talent Mapping provides your team with all the data you need to initiate the approach and handle the full client experience. Talent Mapping also allows you to "fly under the radar" when looking to hire for new or existing roles, as no information is disclosed to identified individuals, and no vacancies are published.

A Talent Search offers a more supported route. Here, our team handle the initial approach to candidates to assess their suitability and interest in the role and then manage engagement and scheduling throughout the recruitment process.

The Benefits of Talent Mapping

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Lower costs than recruitment agencies

Our costs are based on the work we do, rather than a percentage of the salary package. And, because we don’t charge placement fees, you can recruit multiple people from our identified talent pools without any associated costs.

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Proactive approach

Our research uncovers the best talent, not just those actively seeking a new role. This approach allows you to find the right people for the role with confidence that a vast talent pool has been reviewed and the best selected for you to take forward.

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Insight as well as talent

Undertaking the talent mapping process also unlocks valuable market insight on title, remit, level or seniority, career trajectory, tenure, diversity, education and other areas. This data helps benchmark the open role and identify any elements of your offer that aren’t competitive or aligned with the external market.

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Ready to find out more about how talent mapping can help your business? If you have a question about the types of insights we uncover, send us a message and a member of the team will be in touch.

Our team has significant experience in searching the market, both in the UK and overseas and across a wide range of industries. We take the time to ensure you have the best insights to guide your recruitment activity.

Mapping talent and the competition

Our talent mapping services can be split into two main areas: market mapping and competitor mapping.


Talent Mapping

Once we understand your requirements, we proactively identify relevant individuals who fit your brief.

This information is shared with you through a Market Mapping Report, which includes information about the individuals and all the details you need to progress recruitment with those of interest.

Our report also allows you to understand the marketplace, including information on gender splits and identifying relevant competitor organisations.


Competitor Mapping

Another approach to mapping is to focus on specific organisations rather than on identifying individuals.

Used this way, our insights team can uncover a wide range of essential information, including size, structure and organisation design, key talent and employer brand reputation.

Competitor mapping allows you to understand your competitors’ approach to talent and provides valuable information that allows you to make informed strategic decisions.

How Talent Mapping can help your business


Meeting Diversity and Inclusion objectives

We researched 25 global organisations across different sectors and found that while 92% said Diversity & Inclusion were a focus for their business, only 16% highly rated their organisation’s initiatives. Talent Mapping offers a proactive approach to help you meet your D&I objectives. Mapping the market helps you identify a diverse talent pool that meets your brief, reaching those a traditional approach can miss.

We understand that addressing diversity and inclusions is a long-term focus, and so we also partner with businesses to identify the best diverse talent on an ongoing basis. Here, we agree on a set number of research days each month to identify a diverse talent pool for specific job families over an extended period. A monthly Market Mapping Report contains comprehensive listings of the diverse talent in the external market, giving you all the information you need to approach talent when needed.

Case Study: Diversity in Senior Roles

Inclusive engagement

Knowing your audience is an integral part of developing useful insights. By ensuring we engage with a diverse pool of candidates, we can offer insights covering a range of diverse perspectives which can guide your corporate strategy.

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Reduced time to hire

By using our talent mapping service, we can provide a pool of uncontacted or warm candidates ready to join your organisation. Reducing the cost of an empty seat and increasing overall productivity.

We offer a flat rate service with no placement fees, saving you time and money.

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Why work with us?

We understand that it’s essential that you can rely on the information we provide, which is why we take a bespoke approach to each talent mapping project. This ensures we can tailor our response to meet your requirements, allowing you to progress recruitment with confidence.

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Our first priority is to ensure we fully understand your needs so that we can develop a partnership that delivers value for your organisation. Our team has significant experience and expertise, and we share insights and find candidates to ensure the business is well-placed for the future.

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Everything we do is driven by knowledge. Our service finds individuals for you to approach and offers context through external, verifiable research. We share insights into the market, your competitors and your brand perception so you can make better informed strategic decisions.

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Global reach

We have experience recruiting for roles across Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

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With you for the journey

Almost all of our clients have an ongoing relationship with us. We can continue to support you in filling future vacancies but our wider services may also help you with other needs.

Our talent mapping process

The mapping process begins by profiling those in similar roles in other organisations. Depending on the brief, this can include competitors or cross over into other sectors and industries. It can be carried out in confidence, with the support of our specialist team, to identify ‘close fit’ profiles and those who match the brief.

A talent map will include the data of everyone identified during the process. This information is specific to your brief and what is available in the public domain. No additional charges or placement fees are attached to this information; it’s yours to use in your future hiring needs. Effectively providing you with a ready-made talent pool. 

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Research the market

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Find the right individuals

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Provide a detailed report and associated insights

Talent mapping case studies

Addressing diversity for senior level roles

We mapped the market to ensure our client could improve BAME and female representation in senior manager, director and leadership roles and identify diverse future leaders.

Recruiting for a key role to head up a new and growing function

We took just three weeks to fill this important role, and our work also led to an additional hire at no extra cost.

Filling strategic talent gaps in the Asia Pacific region

For our client, a senior level role was critical to business success. We carried out a global market map to meet their specific needs, leading to a successful hire and further candidates identified for future roles.

What our clients say

“You did a superb job of understanding our requirements, despite the brief being incredibly wide! Fast forward 18 months and we have hired two new people from the original research. Not only do we have two brilliant people in the organisation, we often refer back to the research when scoping out the market as the insight from the work has helped us shape future hiring strategies.”

Head of Resourcing

“This is a great report. Some great insights in here too and very interesting reading. Really appreciate all the excellent work you guys do for us!”

Head of Global Expansion

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