Why us

Our activity runs across two key areas that we care passionately about: education and kindness.


We know the detrimental effects of poverty and deprivation on childhood and the long-term impact this can have. Like many, we believe education gives young people opportunities for change and a brighter future. That’s why we support this area in two core ways:

Bursary campaign

We donate a percentage of our annual profits to the Royal Grammar School Newcastle Bursary Campaign, which aims to enable young people from across the region and from all backgrounds to benefit from the education and range of activities RGS has to offer.

Alongside the access to great teaching, facilities and the creation of those deep friendships, the right education delivered by passionate teachers can be life changing.

RGS Newcastle is passionately committed to ensuring access to its fast-paced, challenging academic curriculum for boys and girls from the widest possible range of backgrounds.

Find out more about the RGS Newcastle Bursary Campaign.

Book profits

As well as being our chairman, Glen Hall is also the author of a best-selling series of books, The Last Druid trilogy.

All royalties from the first book went to Cash for Kids, a network of local charities supporting children and young people affected by poverty, abuse, neglect, illness and those who have additional needs.

The royalties from the second and third books will go to a number of educational charities.

Glen Hall said, “Cash for Kids do brilliant work for underprivileged children across the country. I grew up on the Holme Wood estate in Bradford in the 1970s. It’s not just raising money and giving it to anyone. It is about giving something back to kids that have come from a similar background.”

Find out more about Glen’s books.

Our belief in kindness

We might be one of the few businesses with a Kindness Tsar but that’s because we’re committed to this area and believe it makes a real difference to people’s lives. Acting with kindness not only benefits the recipient but also brings good things to the person taking the action.

We’ve teamed up with Dr David Hamilton to weave his insights and knowledge into our work. This includes supporting him in bringing his message into schools but also bringing kindness into the workplace too.

With that in mind, all of our team have access to David’s Personal Development Club which helps our team to improve their health and wellbeing, both in work and outside.

Glen Hall said, “I’ve always admired David’s work. I’ve spent twenty years trying to connect the ‘individual’ with the ‘company’. I have tried every talent management technique under the sun. David’s kindness philosophy connects the dots.

“If you place kindness and compassion at the heart of what you do, you’ll create a ripple effect that will benefit the ‘individual’ and the ‘company’ with equal effect. David calls it the ‘Spirit of Kindness’, a scientifically proven phenomenon that can make a real difference to your health and happiness and to those who are touched by such kindness.”

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Latest news about how we’re giving back

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