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Our clients want to recruit the best talent but also gain insights into the market, their competitors and the perception of brand. And that’s exactly what we do.

Our experienced team has worked across a range of industries, for clients of different sizes and in multiple countries. Our four core services provide a competitive advantage, with the best talent and insights that make a real difference to planning and strategy.

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Saving time and money on recruiting senior specialist roles

We saved our client £36,500 vs a traditional approach in Austria and provided valuable business insights to guide their strategy.

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Addressing diversity for senior level roles

We mapped the market to ensure our client could improve BAME and female representation in senior manager, director and leadership roles and identify diverse future leaders.

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Uncovering insights to guide the strategy for a new marketplace

Our client was looking to grow the business across the African continent and needed to understand the market and the competitors operating there. Our research helped to set the strategy.

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Recruiting for a key role to lead transformation

Our client was undergoing a huge transformation which was impacting the entire organisation worldwide. They needed to find a senior leader to manage a key aspect of the transformation and asked us to carry out a global search to locate the right person.

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Understanding the market and finding top talent

Our client had ambitious plans to rapidly build a new function. We informed them on the best approach and provided a shortcut to the local talent pool.

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Providing essential insights when a key executive resigned

Our client was unprepared for a senior-level resignation. We delivered the insights they needed, quickly and accurately, to minimise risk.

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Speaking to the best talent in the market

Our client reduced their costs by over 50% while gaining an understanding of the market and successfully filling the role.

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Recruiting for a key role to head up a new and growing function

We took just three weeks to fill this important role, and our work also led to an additional hire at no extra cost.

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Understanding the market to overcome hiring challenges

Our comprehensive research and insights put data against perceptions, resulting in improved employer branding, revised budgets and hiring strategies aligned to the location.

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Filling strategic talent gaps in the Asia Pacific region

For our client, a senior level role was critical to business success. We carried out a global market map to meet their specific needs, leading to a successful hire and further candidates identified for future roles.

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Supporting our client’s growth agenda by finding future talent

Our client was planning to enter a number of international markets in multiple countries. Our pipelining service ensured they were ready to bring in new senior leaders and other executives to support these new markets at the right time.

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Recruiting a key financial role to support growth

Our client needed an experienced Financial Director to drive the business. We found them the right individual at a 50% cost saving vs traditional recruitment agencies.

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Benchmarking global graduate and intern programmes

Our client wished to understand their own global graduate programme. Our research uncovered insights, which allowed them to benchmark their offering and set future strategy.

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Setting organisation design based on market insight

Our retail client wanted to understand the organisational structure of two successful and disruptive pure e-tailers. Our insights helped set optimum organisation design going forward.

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Uncovering insights to support with a contract bid

As part of a bid to take over a service contract at a major international transport hub, our client wanted to understand talent availability and the associated pay rates, all in just two weeks.

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Recruiting a key role to safeguard revenue

Our client wished to hire a Global Product Lead to develop and grow a key solution offering. As almost 40% of our client’s global revenue came from this product area, it was regarded as a critical hire.

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Proactive forward thinking ahead of internal restructuring

Our client anticipated changes within its General Manager population as a result of a restructure. They wanted to get ahead of the curve for future hiring across Europe.

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Recruiting for a strategically important role

Our client was looking to recruit a Knowledge Manager, a newly created role within the organisation. We were engaged to find the best available talent for the role.

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Filling a role which had been vacant for over 6 months

Our client was struggling to fill the role and believed location and a lack of local talent was the issue. We challenged these perceptions and within six weeks had found the ideal candidate.

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Recruiting for a very specific skillset and location

Our client needed a candidate with a very specific skillset and based in close proximity to the workplace. Following our search, a high-calibre candidate was appointed, at a lower cost than traditional agency fees.

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Successful recruitment for a hard-to-fill role

We filled the role in just five weeks and our insights led to a change in messaging to better fit the market.

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Identifying a diverse mix of individuals for a key role

Our client was seeking diverse range of individuals suitable for a new senior executive role. They approached us to map the market.

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Generating insights to guide location strategy

Our client was seeking insights to guide the decision about relocating certain business functions to another UK city. They wanted to understand the impact on talent, salary and reward and competition.

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Recruiting for a hard-to-fill role during a global pandemic

For two years, our client had been trying to recruit a global senior leader. Our recommendations helped changed the remit and we were able to find an excellent employee who fitted their needs.

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Providing insights into diversity best practice

Our client approached us to help their members understand the optimal way to implement and manage D&I strategies and initiatives. Our research provided in-depth insights into best practice and helped their members to benchmark their performance.

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Uncovering competitor insights to guide strategy

Our consumer client wanted to build growth in one of its core channels, recognising significant untapped potential. We uncovered insights about how established competitors were achieving success.

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Providing insights to understand global recruitment opportunities

Our client was going through a period of transformation and considering the introduction of a new role. They approached us to provide insights about comparable roles available globally.

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Providing data to guide organisation design

Our client needed insights into the structures and people at one of their competitors. This helped guide decisions about their organisation design.

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Recruiting a key business development role for growth

Our client was growing and required a standalone sales function. We hired for the role and provided a pool of candidates for future hiring.

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Insights to guide business structure and job roles

Our global entertainment client launched a major new product in the UK after a successful roll-out in North America and other regions. They needed insights for the UK business structure and a new senior role related to the product launch.

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Technology hiring insights to inform strategy

Our client struggled to hire in three countries across Europe. Our insights guided their hiring strategy and provided valuable and actionable data.

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Growth through Insight

Our client was finding it increasingly difficult to recruit software development roles. Using all four of our service lines, they went from having little knowledge of that talent pool to a fully operational office in a new country.

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Getting office-ready in 12 weeks

Our client, a growing healthcare business wanted to open a new office in Bristol or Cardiff. We found the right location and hired for it all in 12 weeks.

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Insights to enable growth in the African market

Our client planned significant growth across the African continent and needed to understand the market and the competitors operating in certain areas.

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Addressing attrition and attraction in a competitive sector

Our client was facing increasing attrition rates and were struggling to retain top talent.

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What our clients say

“Public thank you and blatant plug for the team at the Talent Insight Group. Commissioned work package delivered today and, whilst not surprised, I'm delighted with the content, level of detail, accuracy, professionalism. Nice work guys!”

Head of Strategic Procurement, civil engineering

“I’ve had a chance to read through the report and it’s exactly what I was looking for. I think this will really help inform our strategy going forward!”

Bid Business Development Manager, supply chain

“I’ve been very pleased with what you deliver and how you position it, always good to find a company that delivers something of real value in recruitment.”

Global Resourcing Director, financial services

“You did a superb job of understanding our requirements, despite the brief being incredibly wide! Fast forward 18 months and we have hired two new people from the original research. Not only do we have two brilliant people in the organisation, we often refer back to the research when scoping out the market as the insight from the work has helped us shape future hiring strategies.”

Head of Resourcing, banking

“Thank you so much for all you have done. I shared the final search report with one of the assessors who said it was the most thorough she has seen.”

Head of Talent Acquisition, public sector

How our services help  We offer four services that help our clients to understand the market and find  the right talent for their business, now and in the future. Our services are  cost-effective and our insights help to guide future strategy. Our services