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It’s no surprise that salary remains a critical factor in attracting talent, but research shows candidates are considering the broader picture. Organisations now need a competitive compensation package, which includes competitive rewards and benefits and a clear programme for learning and development.

So, how do you ensure your offer is competitive? The truth is that it’s impossible to judge without looking at what similar businesses are doing, and this is no easy task.
With salaries very rarely referenced in job advertisements and competitors being tight-lipped about their offerings, it can be hard to understand where you’re going right or wrong as a business in terms of pay and total reward. That’s where we can help. 

Benefits of Benchmarking

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Understand the market

and how your pay and reward offering compares

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Compare benefits

and meet your candidate's broader considerations

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Attract the best talent

through an evidence-based approach

“You know what you pay your employees, but if you’re getting pushback, saying that salaries are behind the market, that’s only anecdotal. Salary benchmarking can confirm and allow you to make a business case to allow salaries to be raised or addressed. If you believe something is incorrect, you need evidence to support that.”

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Here’s why clients love our benchmarking reports


Deep insight

Our reports are packed with deep insights that give context to important data. Key information is consolidated into an easily digestible format with clear takeaways and recommendations. 


Primary research

We pride ourselves on using a combination of primary and secondary data sources to benchmark accurately.

Sources include job advertisements, third-party labour market data platforms, and, most importantly, conversations with relevant post-holders in competitor organisations.


Strategic value

We provide insight that helps you make your case, whether that’s increased hiring budgets, investing in benefits or a new approach to attracting diverse candidates.

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Benchmarking case studies

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Benchmarking Salary & Beyond

Our client was struggling to fill roles in a new location. Our analysis provided insights on salary, brand perception and the availability of local talent to guide the way forward.

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Benchmarking Graduate Programmes

Our client wished to understand their global graduate programme. Our research uncovered insights which allowed them to benchmark their offering and set future strategy.

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Benchmarking Diversity Practices

Our client approached us to help their members understand the optimal way to implement and manage D&I strategies and initiatives. We conducted original research and provided in-depth insights into best practices that helped their members benchmark performance.

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What our clients say

“This is a great report. Some great insights in here, and very interesting. I really appreciate all the excellent work you guys do for us!”

Head of Global Expansion in Automotive

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