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Why us

Talent intelligence:
understanding the market

Our service gives you access to key insights into the external market, so you can make better informed decisions about talent, now and in the future.

From benchmarking salary and rewards, roles and competitor structure to understanding the best location for your business or new facility, we help minimise risks and ensure you’re acting on the most up-to-date information.

Benefits for your business

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Positive impact on ROI

The cost of acting without information can be high. Our service is cost-effective and uncovers essential insights that have a significant impact on your bottom line.

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Better strategic decisions

Real time insights and benchmarking allows you to make better informed decisions, knowing that you’re working with precise data gathered by our team of experts.

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Minimised risks

Worried about staff retention? Or the cost of choosing the wrong location for a new office or facility? Talent intelligence minimises these risks by providing data and clear recommendations for the future.

We work with companies in multiple countries across a wide range of industries and sizes. That allows our team to bring a wealth of expertise and experience to your project, so you get the best insight possible.

How talent intelligence can help your business

If you have questions about how people see your business, how you rank against competitors or you need information to decide on office locations or company acquisitions, this service is for you. Here are just some of the areas where we can help:

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Benchmarking talent

We can provide in-depth information across a range of areas, including:

  • labour market insight
  • employment statistics
  • competitor hiring activity
  • organisation design, including department size and reporting structures
  • recent news regarding hiring activity
  • salary benchmarking
  • role benchmarking

These insights provide a real-time view of the market. They’re particularly relevant if you want to increase employee attraction or retention, understand the options for restructuring or want insights to make informed strategic changes.


Location insight and strategy

Are you looking at relocating, considering opening a new office or facility or expanding your operations? We’ll research the availability of talent and the feasibility of that location, so you understand the size of the talent pool and the levels of pay and reward in the catchment area.

This allows you to make location decisions based on real time knowledge of the market, minimising risk and ensuring you know that you can meet your staffing needs.

This is particularly essential as businesses adapt to new ways of working in light of the pandemic.

To see how businesses are adapting, what employees expect and how to plan for the future of the workplace, download our guide.

Get our Future of the Workplace guide

Employee brand perception

What do people think of you as an employer? If you’re struggling to hire or looking to expand, it can be valuable to understand how prospective employees view your brand and those of your competitors. Our insight helps you recognise the most important factors and change employer brand messaging or strategy to help with future recruitment.


Best practice as an employer

From diversity and inclusion to onboarding and employee engagement, we provide insight into best practice across the market.

We focus on the organisations you wish to target and carry out research to understand their strategy and the key learnings. We’ll share the data and our recommendations, so you can benchmark and apply the insight to your business.

Read the latest insights  Want to see the type of insights we uncover? While there's no replacement for  bespoke research, we also share information about talent trends and best  practice so you can stay up to date. SEE OUR INSIGHTS

Why work with us?

Our clients know that making informed decisions relies on access to data, knowledge of the market and insights drawn from research. We listen and take time to understand your business so we can concentrate on what you want to know. Insight is at the heart of everything we do, so you can rely on us to give you the right information.

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Thorough, transparent approach

We use a strong mix of primary and secondary data, cross-referencing everything to ensure it’s accurate. We’ll not only share our insights but also explain our sources, so you can be sure you can trust the findings.

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Experienced team of insight experts

Our team are all experienced, knowledgeable and have a wealth of industry expertise. We always match our experts to each individual project based on their knowledge of your market and your requirements.

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Working in partnership with you

Each project is unique, and we’ll always work closely with you to uncover what’s important. This allows us to home in on the information that will make a real impact to your business.

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Explained and actionable

We don’t just share data, we also explain our findings and make recommendations. This means you can use our reports to make better strategic decisions and minimise business risk.

Our process

Our approach is truly bespoke and will depend on the specific insights we’re uncovering, but here is a general outline of how we’d work with you:

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Understand your questions and business needs

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Agree key parameters for decision making

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Agree timescales and type of research

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Share report and recommendations

What our clients say about our service

“I was very impressed with the Talent Insight Group team when they undertook a recent project for me. Class act.”

HR Director, manufacturing

“Public thank you and blatant plug for the team at the Talent Insight Group. Commissioned work package delivered today and, whilst not surprised, I'm delighted with the content, level of detail, accuracy, professionalism. Nice work guys!”

Head of Strategic Procurement, civil engineering

“I’ve had a chance to read through the report and it’s exactly what I was looking for. I think this will really help inform our strategy going forward!”

Transformation Director, logistics

“I’ve been very pleased with what you deliver and how you position it, always good to find a company that delivers something of real value in recruitment.”

Global Resourcing Director, financial services

Talent intelligence case studies

Providing essential insights when a key executive resigned

Our client was unprepared for a senior-level resignation. We delivered the insights they needed, quickly and accurately, to minimise risk.

Understanding the market to overcome hiring challenges

Our comprehensive research and insights put data against perceptions, resulting in improved employer branding, revised budgets and hiring strategies aligned to the location.

Benchmarking global graduate and intern programmes

Our client wished to understand their own global graduate programme. Our research uncovered insights, which allowed them to benchmark their offering and set future strategy.

Need another service?

If talent intelligence isn’t what you’re looking for, we can also help with other needs:


Talent mapping

If your needs are specific to one or more vacancies, we can research the market and provide options for suitable individuals for approach.

More about talent mapping

Talent search

If you’d like us to handle the entire recruitment process, we can provide insights, candidates and support you through the entire hiring process.

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Talent pipelining

If you need to get ahead for recruiting future roles or succession planning, this service ensures you’re ready.

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