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Talent Search vs Talent Mapping

Talent Search and Talent Mapping are two services we offer at TIG, both of which are very popular. We often talk about how they differ when we speak to new clients about the type of support they need. Here’s a short overview of how we use these two terms and how they can support your business.

Let’s begin with Talent Mapping... 

Talent Mapping provides you, the client, with a thoroughly researched talent pool based on your brief. This document includes the information you need to approach anyone we identify directly. So we do all the leg work, using a range of research tools, to provide you with a comprehensive pool of talent your team can approach. This work is fully handed over to you with no strings or additional placement fees attached.

Externalising Talent Mapping allows your internal team to focus their time on engagement, saving valuable time and providing a fresh perspective.

How does a Talent Search differ?

A Talent Search is a supported approach to talent acquisition. We start with the same foundation, building the map of the talent pool through in-depth research. But with a Talent Search, we also approach individuals identified to gauge their fit for the role in question, as well as their interest level and expectations, all before shortlisting them as candidates. We can manage the recruitment process from the initial approach to interview scheduling and offer management. We’re here to support your team throughout the process, and we’ll keep you updated each step along the way.  

This approach also enables us to gather real-time data on salary, benefits and more to give you insight into the market for this specific role.

Talent Search is often used when teams are working at capacity or need help attracting the right talent for the role. It’s also a great option for confidential searches, as we don’t disclose any information without your permission. 

Which is best?

Both options offer a proactive approach to recruitment, scanning the market for talent, whether they’re looking to move roles or not. What’s best will differ according to your specific needs at any given time, as well as your own team size, capacity and internal capabilities. 

Get in touch for an initial no-obligation discussion on your project. We’re confident our insight-led approach can identify the best talent for your business. 

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