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The Talent Acquisition Leader of the Future

In today’s environment, the skills and roles businesses need to succeed are constantly changing. While the TA team of the past could rely on a clear hierarchical structure and stable roles, the picture today looks very different.  TA leaders have a new strategic role: shaping their people strategy to attract talent and ensuring that their employer brand helps rather than hinders. 

The combination of economic instability and the pace of technological change has resulted in a significant restructuring of the job market.. Organisations need a TA function that works strategically to keep pace with changing needs and gives the organisation a competitive advantage to attract the best people.  This includes adapting to new technology, optimising the candidate experience, embedding diversity and inclusion in the TA process, and using data to guide individual offers and the overall talent acquisition strategy.

As the role of the TA leaders evolves, so must their characteristics. Here are the elements that transform today’s TA leader from a support function to a leading voice in shaping the business's future. 

Represents the people strategy at the highest levels

Ensures that decisions that impact talent acquisition can be informed and challenged where necessary. 

Champions the company's purpose and values and leads the process of defining them where they don’t exist or aren’t fit for purpose. 

Employees are looking for more than just a job; they want an organisation that shares their values and gives them a strong sense of purpose. What may have once been a footnote is now a cornerstone of the talent attraction strategy employers must take seriously, from communication to upholding the values across the organisation. 

Values and solicits candidate feedback

Provides candidates with multiple opportunities to give feedback on their experience of the recruitment process, from the point of application to the first day. 

Leans on data and insight

They measure the acquisition pipeline from awareness to applications to qualified candidates, listen to and respond to candidate feedback, and use talent intelligence to benchmark roles and guide strategic decisions. 

Focuses on the quality of hire 

Valuing long-term impact on the organisation over short-term seat filling. 

Champions change 

They can inspire and showcase what is possible, bring people along, and shift mindsets from the executive team to the frontline. They create a culture of continuous improvement and embrace new technology. 

Bridges the gap between TA & HR 

Works collaboratively with HR colleagues to transition new hires into the business and develop an employer brand and EVP that is true to the employee experience. 

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