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What is Talent Intelligence?

What is Talent Intelligence? 

At TIG, we use Talent Intelligence to help our clients win the war for talent. As a relatively new piece of terminology, we still see the phrase Talent Intelligence used in different ways. We define it as using data and insights to inform key business decisions and make people your competitive advantage.

Talent Intelligence is essential in helping your organisation grow. It encompasses every aspect of the Talent Life Cycle and can help answer questions like:

  • What salary and benefits are on offer for similar roles in the market?
  • Where should we locate our offices to attract the best people?
  • How should we size and structure our teams?
  • What skills should we be hiring for to future-proof our organisation?
  • Why do employees quit, and what steps can we take to improve retention?

Definitions of Talent Intelligence often focus on external data to separate Talent Intelligence from internally focused People Analytics. However, where People Analytics is present in an organisation, Talent Intelligence is informed by it. It’s also common to see Talent Intelligence used when referring to raw data, but this data often lacks the context and analysis to guide decision-making.

The TIG process for developing Talent Intelligence includes assessing internal business dynamics, evaluating competitor activity, conducting third-party research and overlaying broader social, political and economic themes. From this data, we develop insights and strategic recommendations for our clients.

Decisions such as new locations, salary and bonus level and job titles all impact the quality of talent an organisation can attract and retain. Talent Intelligence empowers your business with the information needed to make informed decisions and reduce risk in your organisation.

Through Talent Intelligence, we have helped our clients save time and money when recruiting senior roles, address diversity in their senior team, uncover key insights to guide the business strategy and understand the market to address hiring challenges.

With 80% of C-level leaders worried they won’t be able to hire the right people, can your business afford to go without it?

See how Talent Intelligence can lead to improved decision-making and how data-led insights can improve overall success. 

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