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What is Talent Mapping?

Talent mapping is a proactive approach to talent acquisition which allows you to approach candidates directly and manage the entire recruitment process in-house. Rather than hoping that suitable candidates will see your ad and approach you, the talent mapping process identifies relevant individuals who may not be actively looking for new opportunities and screens them for suitability.

The mapping process begins by profiling those in similar roles in other organisations. Depending on the brief, this can include competitors or cross over into other sectors and industries. It can be carried out in confidence, with the support of our specialist team, to identify ‘close fit’ profiles and those who match the brief.

The Talent Mapping Process

Step 1: Understand the requirements for the role(s) in question. 

This generally includes the role's skill set, experience level, and salary range. It may also include diversity metrics. 

Step 2: Commence the map of the market.

Identifying profiles based on your criteria using a range of specialist tools.

Step 3: Share regular updates & gain feedback on potential candidates.

We offer weekly check-ins on individuals identified, qualified out, and shortlisted.

Step 4: Refine the search and vet matched profiles.

A deeper dive into qualified profiles to ensure they are suitable for approach.

Step 5: The final report of fully vetted profiles

Our reports include the career history, education details and contact information of all those identified. 

A talent map will include the data of everyone identified during the process. This information is specific to your brief and what is available in the public domain. No additional charges or placement fees are attached to this information; it’s yours to use for your future hiring needs. Effectively providing you with a ready-made talent pool. 

Undertaking the talent mapping process can also unlock valuable market insight on title, remit, level or seniority, career trajectory, tenure, diversity, education and other areas. This data helps benchmark the open role and identify any elements of your offer that aren’t competitive or aligned with the external market.

What is competitor talent mapping?

Competitor mapping focuses on generating intelligence on specific competitor companies rather than individuals. The map may include size, structure, reputation, benefits, key talent and organisation design. This information helps you understand how your organisation compares and arms you with insight to enhance your own people strategy and structures.

What about internal talent mapping?

Internal talent mapping helps you understand the gaps and potential moves within your organisation. In this scenario, employees are profiled in terms of skill set and experience to identify talent gaps, training needs and possible career paths. This process can aid succession planning, helping you to plan recruitment needs ahead of time, shortening time-to-hire and maintaining momentum. 

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