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Why smart organisations build a talent pipeline

Not all hiring is in the 'here and now’

Smart organisations plan for the future by building a talent pipeline that puts them on the front foot. This approach shortens the hiring time for crucial roles, allowing businesses to fill talent gaps and respond quickly to unexpected departures and changing business needs. 

Building a talent pipeline involves proactively mapping the market for specific skill sets and creating conversations with relevant individuals. Investing this time in advance builds strong relationships with candidates, ensuring they are a good fit for your business and keen to join your team. The result is a better candidate experience, improved retention rates and a reduction in the costs associated with repeated rounds of recruitment. 

The Talent Pipelining Process


Building a talent pipeline helps ensure business continuity and success in a range of scenarios, including:

  • Unexpected departures
  • Upcoming retirements
  • Business expansion
  • Emerging skills gaps

And since you have a view of all the available talent, you can have confidence that you’re engaging the best candidates when roles become available. Until then, regular communication is key to keeping the talent in your pipeline engaged in each situation. Sharing company news and pertinent content alongside ongoing engagement through LinkedIn and traditional channels such as email and phone can all help you achieve this goal.

In addition to identifying the right candidates for your business, talent pipelining unlocks valuable market insights from benchmarking the role and salary package to feedback on location and flexible working expectations. This real-time market insight can shape business and talent acquisition strategies and ensure your offer fits your target hire's expectations.

Finally, talent pipelining can be conducted with confidentiality, so you can be sure your brand name is protected and individuals that may be considered ‘flight risks’ are not identifiable.

If you’re interested in developing a talent pipeline that dramatically reduces your cost and time-to-hire (and no hidden placement fees), contact our team today for an initial no-obligation discussion on your business needs. 

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