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Our client wished to understand their own global graduate programme against the wider context of other best-in-class organisations. We used desk-based research to understand the broad picture and underpinned this with interviews to uncover additional insights and allow our client to be able to benchmark their offering.

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Talent intelligence

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What we achieved for them

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Real-time best in class insight

from which our client could benchmark their programme

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to provide a range of insights, intelligence and data

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Global focus

ensured our client had a full picture of competitors no matter where they were based

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Seeking answers to multiple questions in order to understand the market

As part of the benchmarking project, our client wished to understand:

  • What types of graduate trainee/intern programmes were being deployed by other industry players of note?
  • How long did programmes last?
  • What were the programme mechanics?
  • Were the programmes global or regional/local?
  • What were the roles & responsibilities for deployment? (global/regional/local market levels)
  • Were any of these programmes a “stand alone brand” or were they always named in line with their corporate name/brand?
  • How did they source their interns and what were the primary tools for creating awareness for their programme?
  • Did they use social media tools? What were the KPIs that they were striving to meet?
  • Were other companies recruiting with a particular target audience focus? (specific subject majors/mindsets/skills, etc)
  • What were their conversion rates (intern to FTE)?
  • What was the intern turnover rate? Was it in line with the corporate average or lower?


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Uncovering key learnings to drive future strategy

We used two research methodologies. One was secondary research conducted through desk-based research methods, which included website and literature reviews of publicly available sources.

We also contacted the relevant senior members of the graduate recruitment teams of sampled organisations, identified from an initial target list of companies agreed with the client at the outset.

As a result of our research, we were able to share learnings with our client across:

  • graduate branding
  • social media/digital
  • programme mechanics
  • internships
  • conversion rates
  • external relationships and perceptions.

These insights enabled our client to set the strategy for the development of their programme, making use of the intelligence from the market to minimise risk and compete effectively.

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