Why us

Our consumer client wanted to build growth in one of its core channels, recognising significant untapped potential. They needed to understand how established competitors were achieving success in this area and how these companies and teams were structured to deliver this.

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Talent intelligence

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Target Country


What we achieved for them


In-depth view of the market

allowing our client to understand competitors and their approach


6 working weeks

to successfully map the market and gather key structural insights


Real-time view of the market

based on robust, real-time data that our client previously lacked


Understanding and learning from other established businesses

Our client, a FTSE250 business, was extremely successful in selling their products through on trade channels. However, they recognised that their off trade sales could be increased and therefore wanted to understand how competitors who were further along with their strategy were achieving their goals.

In particular, they wanted to understand how these companies were structured, which roles and individuals were in their teams, and their sales and marketing approach to this complicated channel.

They engaged us to carry out competitor intelligence to gain insights into five sub-functions across four target businesses.


Sharing insights to guide future strategy

Using multiple sources, we gathered data and provided insights about:

  • The name/title of the Country Functional Lead
  • The names/titles of the key reports into the Country Functional Lead
  • Typical titles, remit and headcount of additional teams
  • Key talent within the structure (determined by graduate programmes, career moves, etc)
  • How the five sub-functions broadly work/fit together

Our output was a detailed, 222-page report which included five sub-function-based organisation charts for each competitor, profiles of top talent and tables listing notable individuals in key individuals within the teams. We also provided further background information about each company and comparisons between their markets and approaches to sales.

As a result of this report, our client was able to understand how their competitors were managing off trade sales, including the similarities and differences between each. This enabled our client to set their strategy based on an in-depth understanding of the market, improving the profitability of this channel as a result.

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How talent intelligence unlocks robust, real-time data

Businesses understand that making informed decisions is essential but accessing the right data and insights can be problematic. Our talent intelligence service gives our client access to the data they need and uncovers insights that internal teams often struggle to access.

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