Why us

With diversity and inclusion being a key topic, our client approached us to help their members understand the optimal way to implement and manage D&I strategies and initiatives. Our original research enabled us to provide in-depth insights into best practice and help their members to benchmark their performance.

At a glance: our client

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What we achieved for them


Benchmarking data and insights

to enable members to understand how their organisation was performing vs their peers


Insights about best practice

to guide members on how to improve their D&I initiatives


A comprehensive overview of trends

helping to guide future strategies


Gaining a clear picture about diversity and inclusion trends

As part of the service they offered for their members, our client wanted to provide insights that would add value and help guide future strategy. They approached us to carry out a series of research projects focusing on different topics which were important to this group.

Diversity and inclusion was a key area where insights were needed. Our approach was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of how a variety of organisations were managing their own diversity and inclusion initiatives and how successful they had been.


Conducting original research to uncover diversity insights

We approached relevant members of the Talent Acquisition, HR and D&I teams at a number of organisations, in various industries, including:

  • Engineering
  • Financial services
  • FMCG
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Information services
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Logistics
  • Public sector
  • Recruitment outsourcing
  • Retail
  • Transport

We asked each participant a number of questions about their diversity and inclusion initiatives and the data was anonymised before we produced a final report.

This report focused on four key areas of insights:

  1. A general overview of diversity and inclusion, including data about the importance and impact of D&I and key recommendations for keeping diversity at the forefront of recruitment.

  2. The highlights of the insight findings, including information about whether D&I was a focus, the number of organisations with dedicated resource to manage this, the methods companies used to ensure a diverse and inclusion workplace and how effective the respondents felt their existing initiatives were.

  3. Detailed findings for each question, which included the current progression towards D&I excellence, how D&I were defined, whether KPIs were in place and when they were used, how companies were working to mitigate bias in the recruitment process and whether D&I was a focus for their entire supply chain.

  4. Focused case studies across specific industries showcasing the findings for specific anonymous organisations.

The insight report added significant benefits for our client and their members, allowing them access to benchmarking data and insights to guide their strategy and influence their recruiting practices based on robust, real-time data from the market.

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How we support clients with their diversity initiatives

This work is just one of the ways in which we add value to our clients’ diversity activity. Our insights guide the strategy while our proactive approach to recruitment helps to build diverse talent pools and ensure diversity targets are met.

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