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Our client was seeking a new senior executive reporting directly to the president of the one of their largest divisions, that would shape the segment’s cyber and information technology function globally. They approached us to map the market and find a diverse range of individuals suitable for approach.

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What we achieved for them

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3 working weeks

to provide profiles and insights to guide strategy

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Best-in-class diverse talent pool

with a 50/50 gender split and 21% ethnic minority candidates

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Real-time view of the market

including information about gender, ethnicity and location

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Ensuring a diverse mix of candidates for a key role

Our client, a pre-eminent industrial group, was seeking a Chief Information Security Officer for a newly created role in its largest operating division.

Located in the East Coast of the USA but with a global remit, the successful candidate would be responsible for establishing the vision, cyber strategy and security architecture for the business. They would also need to establish controls to ensure internal data, customer data, product and other data could be secured in a flexible and effective manner.

Our client wanted to ensure that they had a balanced and diverse mix of individuals to approach and asked us to map the market, specifically in the East Coast, to find a strong, diverse pool of candidates.


Finding the best diverse talent for approach

We focused on individuals in regulated industries and comparable corporates/ divisions with a minimum of 5,000 employees. Our mapping highlighted individuals in a CIO, CISO or senior deputy level role, with broad international career experience.

42 strong profiles were identified with a 50/50 gender split. Of the total number identified, 21% were from ethnic minorities. Our market mapping report provided a succinct profile, obtained from the public domain, for every individual identified and included:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Employer
  • Location
  • Remit overview
  • Career history
  • Education

To add additional value, an appendix was also included, listing more junior individuals identified during the process.

A short Insight summary was also included at the beginning of the report, including pertinent information regarding:

  • Gender split
  • Locations in which relevant individuals were based
  • Companies employing suitable targets

Our approach provided a rich real-time view of the market and generated relevant individuals for our client to approach directly. This enabled our client to find the best talent available within the market and gain visibility of candidates who may not have been reached through traditional channels.

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How we can help with diversity and inclusion

Our strategic approach allows you to find candidates beyond your traditional recruitment pool, not only ensuring a diverse and balanced shortlist but also providing assurance that you’ve reached the best talent in market.

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