Why us

Our client was going through a period of transformation and considering the introduction of a new role to develop one point of contact with consumer and commercial customers. They recognised that an equivalent role did not exist in their sector nor in their local country market and approached us to provide insights about comparable roles available globally.

At a glance: our client

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Talent intelligence

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Target Country


What we achieved for them

Global focus

A clear view of the market

with insights from 22 organisations


Profiles of suitable candidates

for our client to approach directly

Strategic direction

Insights helped set strategic direction

including changing the focus of the role


Getting the right information about a key role

The new role was essential for the business. This person would create, build and lead a function responsible for nurturing, developing, and maximising the potential of customer relationships across oil, gas, and power interests.

They would  also create a corporate and customer strategy to maximise customer acquisition, retention, and profitability.

Our requirement was to:

  • Find where an equivalent role existed globally
  • Identify individuals leading such a function
  • Approach these individuals to generate key insights
  • Present a real-time market insight report documenting our findings and recommendations.
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Setting country focus, uncovering insights and finding top talent

Initial research indicated a seam of relevant talent in LATAM, especially across the Telecommunications sector.

We therefore mapped this market in Brazil, Mexico and Chile, with the aim of identifying relevant individuals leading the customer function. As a secondary focus, we mapped the Retail Banking sector primarily in Mexico and Spain.

We then approached those individuals in order to gain insight on:

  • Organisational structure
  • Remit
  • Reward
  • Key learnings from the structures - design principles, impact, pitfalls
  • Appetite to discuss a similar role with our client.

The result was an 80-page report including insight from 22 organisations within the Telecommunications and Retail Banking sectors.

The report also presented 11 detailed profiles of individuals who were open to a conversation as well as a market map of those with relevant remit and responsibilities.

What our client said

“The project helped to shape our thinking as we designed our new organisation for Commercial / Downstream. We ended up designing Director profiles more focused on a broader commercial remit (B2B and B2C), as per your recommendations.”

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