Why us

Our global entertainment client launched a major new product in the UK after a successful roll-out in North America and other regions. They needed insights for the UK business structure and a new senior role related to the product launch. They requested a report highlighting competitor's UK streaming/broadcast operating models, including roles, skills, behaviours, and work methods.

At a glance: our client

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Talent intelligence

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Business size


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Target Country


What we achieved for them


Six working weeks

to uncover pertinent primary and secondary insights across the UK streaming/broadcast market


Market and competitor insights

to help shape a new operating model and country business


Key players identified

ensuring our client had a view on “who’s who” and access to a range of primary data points


Getting the right insights to guide decisions

As well as questions around structure and operating models that secondary data could largely answer, our client was also keen on a primary research element to the project that would provide them with an overview of relevant talent with an openness to a new opportunity, as well as perceptions on their EVP within the market and thoughts on the proposed new role’s remit, responsibilities, reporting line and budget.

As such, our project embraced talent mapping, secondary desk research and primary research approach calls to key players in the UK market across a six-week timeline.


Engaging with talent for first-hand insights

The talent mapping and secondary desk research phase provided focus on relevant talent within the UK streaming/broadcasting market, linked to those competitors of interest, as well as how those target companies organised roles and functions into an overall structure.

Alongside the talent mapping and secondary intelligence phase, we approached individuals to hold insight conversations, generating primary intelligence on topics such as remit, reporting line context, career path, pay & reward, receptiveness to new opportunities, aspirations/motivations and thoughts on our client’s brand/market position as well as the potential new role.


Actionable intelligence to inform change

From a small pool of only around 30 mapped individuals, nine were willing to talk to us on an insight-gathering basis and seven of those were interested in a dialogue with our client about the new senior role moving forward.

As such, our client received a final Intelligence report containing intelligence on competitor structure/roles inside six key target companies, primary insights from relevant individuals on a range of pertinent topics, a talent map for future use and potential candidates that they could build relationships with and potentially hire moving forward at no additional cost.

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