Why us

Our client was struggling to hire a Senior Associate within its Property Litigation practice. They believed that both location and a lack of local talent was the issue.


We challenged these perceptions and, across a six-week process, we found the ideal candidate for the role.

At a glance: our client

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Talent intelligence, talent mapping

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Target Country


What we achieved for them


Understanding the market

to uncover real-time market perceptions and passive local talent 


6 working weeks

to successfully fill the role with a high-calibre individual


More than 40% more cost effective

than using a traditional recruitment agency


Struggling to find the right candidates

Our client, based c60 miles north of London, was looking for an individual with broad property litigation experience at 5 years PQE level. This role had been live for over six months and the firm had not been able to find suitable candidates for the c£70k-level role.

Believing that they had saturated the local market and that salary was a potential stumbling block, they asked us to get a better understanding of both the local and London market and to provide real-time insights around salary, perception, mobility, etc.


Putting insight at the heart of the process

Our first step was to understand our client’s difficulties in greater depth and to ensure that any assumptions were tested against real-time market data.

Our client recognised that London was an obvious catchment area for the role, but they believed that they wouldn’t be able to compete on salary. They also believed that they had exhausted the local talent pool and spoken to all the prospective candidates based nearby.

Our initial work was therefore to benchmark salaries in London to understand whether our client could compete and to also map the market across a wide catchment area to ensure all suitable profiles were identified.

We identified 64 individuals, many of whom were new to our client. Following a review of our mapping report, our client requested we specifically approach 26 individuals. Our conversations uncovered a range of useful insights into salary expectations, brand perceptions and what those candidates deemed important when looking for a new role.

We generated five close-fit CVs and our client had informal conversations with candidates who had questions about whether the role was a good fit for their needs. Our client took all five candidates through a two-stage interview process, resulting in a successful placement.

Our client had not initially expected to make a hire as a direct result of our insight work, as the initial driver was to have a better understanding around why this hire was problematic. They not only made a substantial saving against a traditional recruitment approach, but also gained valuable business insights and have made use of the market map for pipelining future roles.

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What our client said

“I’ve been really impressed with the service. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

Talent Acquistion Manager

How talent intelligence and talent mapping could help your business

Understanding the market helps you to test assumptions and know of any challenges, so you can adapt your strategy accordingly. Our mapping ensures you have a full view of the talent pool and can move forward knowing you’ve met with the best individuals.

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