Why us

Our client, a world-leading consumer-facing technology business, had high volume open and future niche roles across three different European countries that were a constant challenge to hire for.

We were asked to deliver an intelligence project to inform on a number of key factors in relation to these hires that would assist our client in being more successful at attracting candidates.

At a glance: our client

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Talent intelligence

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Business size


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Target Country

The Netherlands, Poland and Romania

What we achieved for them


Six working weeks

to uncover pertinent primary and secondary insights across three European countries


Market and competitor insights

to help guide attraction strategy and improve hiring results


900 individuals identified

ensuring our client had access to a whole range of primary data points


Getting the right insights to guide decisions

Our client had ongoing challenges filling high-volume open and future roles in a niche function, notably within Poland, Romania and the Netherlands.

The roles required strong customer service, administration and data analysis skills, as well as candidates that spoke at least two languages (which varied from country-to-country).

Our client typically hired individuals into these roles straight from education or with 1-2 years’ experience from consumer, retail, contact centres, hospitality/leisure and other sectors focused on “customer experience”.

To ultimately improve candidate attraction strategies, recruitment process and ‘hires made’ for this role, our client was interested in a range of primary and secondary data and intelligence across talent demographics, languages spoke, competitor hiring activity, alternative recruitment processes, pay & reward, WFH vs. office working arrangements, candidate motivations and brand perception, within each territory.


Uncovering market and competitor information

Our approach to this project was two-pronged, ultimately generating both primary insights from relevant target individuals and collating secondary data from the public domain within each territory.

Our secondary data research embraced:

  • Cultural demographics (employment stats, labour costs, population data, etc)
  • Foreign language capability statistics
  • Competitors hiring similar skillsets
  • Location hotspots for relevant talent
  • Educational establishments (with strong foreign language prevalence)
  • Interesting articles (regarding graduate working preferences)
  • Job boards (for comparable roles/language prerequisites)
  • CV databases (for prevalence of potential local candidates with language capabilities)

Engaging with talent for first-hand insights

Alongside the secondary intelligence phase, we used advanced web research techniques to map relevant profiles within each territory.

We then approached individuals to hold insight conversations with each of the three talent pools, generating primary intelligence on topics such as new role priorities, EVP factors, pay & reward, working arrangements, and views on our client’s recruitment process, attraction strategy, brand, role description, etc.

We also supplied a vacancy link to those keen on finding out more and interested in applying for the role directly.

We produced four final reports; one per country and a ‘catch all’ cross-analysis report providing insights on the overall talent pool, regardless of location.

Ultimately, these reports provided a range of data and meaningful primary/secondary insights that allowed our client to shape their thoughts on attraction, role priorities, language viability, recruitment process, working patterns, etc, for the role in each country, as well as facilitating a number of direct applications.

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