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Our client planned significant growth across the African continent and needed to understand the market, the competitors operating in that space and pay and reward insights for certain key roles.​

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What we achieved for them

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Real-time Insights

to guide strategic direction​ ensuring decision making was based on robust data

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to deliver a broad range ​of market insights

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Pipeline of ​diverse talent

for future roles within the business, with no additional costs for placement fees

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Growth in a new continent

Our client was embarking on a significant strategic project to grow its business across the African continent. As part of this process, they were seeking greater visibility on competitors currently operating in the continent.

Specifically, they wanted a robust piece of research to inform on:​

  • Operating model: how competitors were organised across two key functions in Africa.​
  • Pay and reward: primary and secondary research on base salaries and benefit packages for key roles.​
  • Perception: market insight to shape strategic thinking around growth plans. ​

Five competitor companies were targeted for investigation.​

We were asked to carry out research and share insights that would help to set the strategy for this essential area of development.


Market mapping and insight delivered

This project had three main phases, market mapping​, public domain insight gathering​ and insight approach calls​. Market mapping identifies relevant individuals across each target organisation. ​We then use public domain sources, including company profiles, company websites, company careers sites, press releases, investor news, and wider industry news to develop a thorough understanding of each individual, before directly engaging with each person we have identified. This combination of research methods provides insight that is grounded in real-time experience and has the added benefit of creating a ready-made pipeline of talent for our clients to draw on. 

Actionable Insight

Our Final Report contained:​

  • An executive Summary: a high-level, overall look at the findings of our research, key themes, and trends.​
  • Final considerations: overall conclusions and recommendations based on the insight garnered.​
  • Target company insight: detailed information including the structure and operating model for each of the five target companies.​
  • Pay & reward: detailed analysis of both primary and secondary research on base pay and packages for key roles.​
  • Brand perceptions: How the brands operating in Africa were perceived. This information was generated from Insight approach calls with relevant individuals.​
  • Candidates: A pool of candidates interested in being considered for future opportunities.  ​

Ultimately, our real-time insights influenced and shaped our client's strategic thought process and decision-making while providing a shortcut to future talent. We do not charge placement fees.​

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