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Our client was seeking insights to guide the decision about relocating certain business functions to another UK city. They wanted to understand the impact on talent, salary and reward and competition, particularly amid a changing marketplace due to the pandemic.

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Understanding the best workplace options in a changing world

Our client was looking for external expertise to help to understand and evaluate the best options for office locations for five departments in its business.

They wanted to understand the impact of relocating these functions to one of two regional cities. And, with the changing working patterns, it was also important for us to consider remote working options and how important the workplace location would be in the future.

Our client needed insights into the availability of talent in each area, pay scales and rewards to help with financial planning, and information about competitors who were based in the same location.


Gathering insights and making recommendations

We thoroughly researched what was happening in the market, focusing on data from the two locations and benchmarking this against national figures.

Our information uncovered:

  • Labour market and employment statistics
  • Labour demand figures
  • Local news from their sector (investment, growth, new sites, hiring/redundancies, etc)
  • Competitor news, including insights on key locations and any pertinent activity regionally
  • Details about HE establishments and relevant courses, together with opportunities for partnerships
  • Overview of market size
  • Salary analysis and data about vacancies
  • CV analysis for all relevant roles

We also provided detailed case studies of other companies of a similar size who had undertaken a similar relocation.

Our report included not only the data but a clear narrative around risks, challenges, opportunities, impact and consequences. It also looked at options for the business becoming more flexible with home working.

Our approach provided valuable insights that have provided our client with a real understanding of the market and helped guide decisions at board level. Our client has access to the right information to make strategic decisions about location, now and in the future.

What our client said

“An incredibly comprehensive, thorough report, containing great case studies. I’m really impressed with how Talent Insight Group have told the story and nailed the narrative.”

Head of Talent

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Understanding the best workplace locations for your business

Against a backdrop of remote and home working, downsizing and challenges with knowing how the pandemic will affect the workplace, it’s never been more difficult for organisations to evaluate where to base their business. Our insights provide real-time, robust data and recommendations to help guide your strategy.

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