Why us

Our client, an award-winning Health Care Trust provider, was finding it increasingly difficult to cost-effectively attract talent to its greater London location.
They decided the solution would be to acquire a second site in either Bristol or Cardiff, having an Operations Manager and five Claims Assessors in place and office ready within a four-month timescale.

At a glance: our client

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What we achieved for them

12 working weeks

12 working weeks

confirming Bristol as the more suited location, mapping the market and filling all six roles

Full understanding of the market

Full understanding of the market

to ensure they met with the best available talent locally

212 individuals identified

212 individuals identified

ensuring our client had visibility on local talent plus a pipeline to hire from direct in the future


Evidence based insights to guide decisions

To help understand the market and guide their strategy, our client was looking for a real-time picture of the external market within Bristol and Cardiff with particular focus on the following topics:

  • Talent availability (opportunity and risk)
  • Competitor landscape
  • Competitor hiring activity
  • Prevalent locations for talent
  • Pay scales

Uncovering market and competitor information

This included looking at:

  • Labour Market & Employment Statistics
  • A broad market overview of the health insurance sector within both locations
  • Competitor landscape – relevant organisations housing/seeking equivalent capabilities; any case studies of similar change; pertinent initiatives used to attract/retain
  • Broad overview of local market size for capability areas
  • Job Boards (for CV matches, relevant capability areas, including salary analysis graph)
  • Education analysis
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Office infrastructure
  • Investment Highlights (brief overview of opportunity linked to local investment)
  • Relevant local news
  • Final considerations: overall thoughts regarding opportunity and risk

Mapping the market to find individuals who were the right fit

Having confirmed the Bristol location for the second site, we then mapped the market to identify talent established in their space. 
After positive feedback from our client, we approached 212 of these individuals engaging with 15, subsequently generating 13 close-fit CVs.

The client then took all 13 of those candidates through a two-stage interview stage process, resulting in all 6 successful placements.

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