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Our client, an international publishing company, was seeking insights to understand the structures and key people within the editorial teams at one of their main competitors. They were looking for robust data to help guide decisions about their own structure and to provide details of the talent within their competitor’s business.

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What we achieved for them

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4 working weeks

to uncover comprehensive insight on a key competitor

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Insights to inform structure

helping our client make the best strategic decision

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Access to top talent

to approach for future roles

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Replacing assumptions with robust data

Our client had some ideas about possible organisational structures within the competitor’s business, but required data to understand if these assumptions were correct. In addition, they wanted to identify individuals in numerous roles who could be approached for future opportunities.

Our client engaged us to carry out research to uncover the structures and key individuals within editorial teams for publications in TV, Real Life and Women’s Weeklies categories.

They were particularly interested in the following data:

  • Headcount
  • Names
  • Job titles
  • Levels
  • Relationship between teams
  • Relationship between brands and publications
  • Overarching management structure sitting above the brands
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Providing insights to guide strategy

Our four-week project blended desk-based research with conversations with key individuals to undercover the information that our client needed. These conversations helped to corroborate our findings and ensure the data was robust and reliable.

Upon the project’s conclusion we delivered a 67-page Structural Insight Report which included:

  • Overview of the target company, including market share, number of employees and the top brands owned by the group
  • Detailed information about each category, including:
    • Top titles
    • Editorial team structures, including organisation charts and headcounts
    • Key personnel, including name, job title, biography, location and previous employment
    • List of other staff members, including their job title and publication
  • Other insights discovered through direct conversations

This information allowed our client to better understand their competitor and also to benchmark their own structures. This helped guide future decisions about the best approach to structure moving forward.

In addition, the detailed information we provided about individuals within their competitor’s business enabled them to directly approach any individuals we identified as part of the mapping, further adding value and helping them to find future talent at no extra cost.

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Helping your business with organisation design

We have worked with a number of clients to give them access to this type of insight. This is just one of the ways in which talent intelligence can provide robust data to benchmark your business and guide future strategy.

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