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Our client had recently opened a major new facility outside of the UK and needed to recruit over 200 software engineers. Despite initial optimism about the location and the available talent pools, it quickly became apparent that recruitment was going to be problematic.


We carried out in-depth research and shared comprehensive insights to put data behind strategic changes resulting in improved employer branding, revised budgets and hiring strategies aligned to the location.

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Talent intelligence

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What we achieved for them


New strategic direction and hiring strategies

as a direct result of our research and insights


Improved dialogue within the business

between senior executives and the Talent Acquisition team


Future talent pools identified

positioning our client for success


Building a business case to address recruitment challenges

Our client’s focus on recruiting software engineers across machine learning, cyber security, functional safety, perception (LIDAR and Radar) and quality specialisms was essential to the business. They wanted the new facility to become a ‘centre of excellence’ for current and future software engineering for electric and automated driving vehicles.

However, the Talent Acquisition team tasked with identifying, attracting and hiring the required talent encountered problems. Firstly, the location itself (situated about 150 miles from the capital) was problematic. Secondly, there were a number of “hands off” agreements in place with competitors where relevant talent could currently be working.

There was also concern around whether the software engineering skills existed in the local talent pool: the local labour market could contain a high percentage of individuals who would require visas and sponsorship to gain permanent employment.

The team needed a strong business case to take to the board, highlighting the numerous attraction challenges faced, to help shift the dialogue.

Lightening in cloudy sky

Putting data into the equation to help the business adapt and achieve its recruitment goals

Over the course of five weeks, we thoroughly researched the market, providing real time insight into the following key areas:

  • Competitors and talent pool availability within the autonomous driving/supply chain space
  • Other organisations and broad talent pool availability of those with transferable skills
  • Local software engineering salary data
  • Employee brand perception of competitors
  • Noteworthy industry news about the location of the facility
  • Relevant hiring activity news
  • Review of universities with relevant software engineering courses

We provided our client with a comprehensive insight report that painted a very clear picture of the technology, software and CAV industry in the new location. We also placed intelligence and data behind perceptions on salary, skills and availability, so our client could truly understand the causes of the recruitment challenges.

We also provided an overview of competitor activity and the country’s talent pool (with particular focus on the local area), as well as educational institutions offering relevant courses for future talent pools.

Our final report enabled our client’s Talent Acquisition team to confidently present the future hiring challenges the business faced to the board, based entirely on real time insight, intelligence and data.

As a result, dialogue improved between the board and the Talent Acquisition team and they were able to have productive discussions around revised budgets, improved employer branding specific to the new facility and new hiring strategies (including global talent attraction).

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