Why us

Our client was planning to enter a number of international markets by acquiring privately owned related businesses in multiple countries. They wanted to be ready to bring in new senior leaders and other executives to support these new markets.


We worked closely with our client across a six-month project. We mapped pre-selected markets to find the best individuals ready to take a role immediately, at a later date or who could become future talent for the business.

At a glance: our client

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Talent pipelining

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Business size


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Target Country

Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico, Japan and the Netherlands

What we achieved for them

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3-5 candidates per region

along with future talent who can be nurtured

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Insights to guide the strategy

and attract the best talent in the future

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Flexible approach

allowed us to refocus on new locations as needed by the client

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Finding senior talent for several roles in multiple locations

Our client’s acquisition strategy focused on markets in Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico, Japan and the Netherlands. Country Managers to lead and manage the P&L of a local entity were a priority.

In addition, they were also keen to find suitable candidates for Operations Director or equivalent level roles.

They were looking for three pools of candidates: “ready now”, “ready later” and “future consideration”

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Successfully identifying top talent and adding value with insights

Our objective was to map each market to identify suitably qualified executives. We then approached individuals on a confidential basis to discuss our client’s vision for the future to see if they would like to engage with our client for a conversation.

The project extended over a six-month period, with a spike in activity during months 1-3 when the bulk of mapping and candidate engagement occurred. The final three months were spent on candidate management and “top up” work for each target market.

Ultimately, 25 “ready now” candidates were generated, meeting our key objective of 3-5 per market. A further nine candidates were earmarked as rising stars for the future. The client has since engaged with all executives, in line with international travel arrangements.

In addition to identifying a high-calibre pool of talent, the insight we generated, specifically in relation to pay and reward, has shaped our client’s thinking about how to pitch opportunities to attract the very best talent, adding further long-term value.

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