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Our client was growing its Asia Pacific business, which had seen significant leadership changes in recent years and lacked account management talent, strategists and creatives at executive level. A live senior level role was therefore critical to business success.


We carried out a global market map to assist our client meet their specific needs, leading to a successful hire and further candidates identified for future roles.

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What we achieved for them

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4 working weeks

to map the global market and identify a range of suitable profiles

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Pipeline of future talent

for other key roles required within the region

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No additional costs

when hiring for these other roles as we don’t charge placement fees

Finding the right individual with specific strategic experience

Who We Are

As a priority, our client needed to hire a new Director of Planning to be based in Japan, reporting in to the newly appointed Country MD.

This individual needed to be a strategic and creative planner, with at least 10-15 years’ experience of working in ‘cutting edge’ agencies. They also needed to speak Japanese and understand the country’s people and culture.

To secure as well rounded a candidate as possible, the client was keen to hire a Japanese national who was currently working overseas. They highlighted Europe, North America and Oceania as likely hunting grounds.

Alternatively, they would also consider an ex-pat of the UK, US, Australia or other key markets who was currently working in a competitor based in Japan.

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Seeking the right candidate by mapping the market globally

We set out to identify relevant individuals for the client to subsequently approach. We mapped across Japan, the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, China, India, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands and identified 91 individuals with the relevant skills and experience.

73 individuals were working outside Japan, and were either Japanese nationals or those who had extensive experience of working in Japan and who spoke the language. A further 18 individuals were currently working in competitor businesses within Japan, and were American, British or Australian, by birth.

We provided our client with a detailed mapping report, providing information about both the market and key individuals.

The client subsequently generated a strong shortlist for consideration. A senior hire was made and a pipeline of candidates for other roles was presented. There was no additional cost in hiring these individuals given we don’t charge placement fees.

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