Why us

Our client was looking to hire a candidate into a new role that was effectively two previous positions restructured into one. The role was essential to the success of the business and our client therefore wanted to be sure that they had spoken to the best talent in the market.


Our market mapping found the best talent available and by engaging directly with the individuals we were able to deliver an excellent candidate experience leading to a successful hire.

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What we achieved for them

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More than 50% cost saving

vs traditional recruitment agencies

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1-in-5 ‘CV-from-approach’ ratio

with 9 interviews progressing from 44 approaches

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6 working weeks

to successfully fill the role

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Recruiting in a competitive and changing market

The new role of Digital Logistics Operations Director needed a candidate with experience of a fast-paced, consumer sector, as well as a deep understanding of both volume distribution and e-commerce.

The role was strategically important, with a salary in the range of £130k.

In parallel, they also required a recruitment short-cut to this talent. This would save considerable time and effort in the future and the need to engage in a costly recruitment campaign.

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Finding the right individuals to position our client for success

We started by mapping the market, identifying individuals who were established in the space. We identified 53 individuals who were a match for our client’s criteria, and created a report detailing this information for our client to review.

We then engaged with 44 of these individuals. Off the back of these conversations, nine close-fit CVs were generated and our client selected all nine of these candidates for a two-stage interview process. At the end of this, one candidate was offered the role and accepted.

Our approach ensured our client had access to the best talent in the market, as well as generating insights to help guide future talent decisions. All this was achieved at a significantly lower cost than a more traditional approach.

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