Why us

Our client was developing its digital banking proposition, which at that time was a relatively new and largely untested area. Finding the right individual who could bring experience and expertise to support this essential function was essential for the future of the business.


We worked with our client to ensure they had a clear picture of the market and access to profiles for the best candidates for them to approach.

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Talent mapping

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What we achieved for them

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Just 3 weeks

to provide comprehensive coverage and a definitive market map


Two hires at no extra cost

with an immediate hire from the market and one at a later date

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Insights guided future hiring strategies

to help our client position its employer brand and find the right talent

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Bringing in the right talent to lead strategically important development

Our client recognised that the rise of technology was vital to meet the expectations of its own client base. Digital banking was key, but was a new area. Our client needed to hire an experienced individual to head up this strategically important function, based in London.

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Mapping the market to provide profiles of the best talent for the role

Our first step was to map the market, identifying individuals who were established in the banking space and who had experience in launching new products on digital platforms.

We found 65 prospective profiles in the banking sector who were highly suitable for approach. For added value and an alternative approach, we also found a further 28 individuals from outside the sector.

We collated all the details for these individuals into a report which also included other useful market insights. As a result, our client was able to generate a strong shortlist for consideration.

A senior hire was made, and our report was used again at a later date to make a second hire. There were no additional costs in hiring two individuals from our mapping, as we don’t charge placement fees.

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We can research the market and provide options for suitable individuals that can be approached immediately. We not only find the right talent but also provide insights about the market to help guide your recruitment strategy, now and in the future.

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