Why us

Our retail client had a ‘bricks and clicks’ business model but wanted to understand the organisational structure of two successful and disruptive pure e-tailers. Our insights helped our client make better informed decisions on optimum organisation design going forward.

At a glance: our client

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Talent intelligence

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What we achieved for them

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Insights guided strategy

to ensure the business had the right data to make a key OD decision with confidence

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Minimised risk

by understanding how key disruptors were structuring their business

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Robust and trustworthy data

by using multiple research methods to uncover the right information

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Gaining insights to minimise business risks and set strategy

Before carrying out an organisational review, our client wanted to understand the operating models and functional structures within two of their key competitors who were operating purely online. This insight was needed to ensure future business success and minimise risks.

In particular, our client wanted to understand:

  • total number of employees
  • senior leadership structure
  • total number of staff per department
  • number split within each sub-department of interest
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Getting the real-time market data while maintaining confidentiality

We generated intelligence from various sources in the public domain, including:

  • company websites
  • latest news
  • LinkedIn
  • deep web search
  • job boards
  • employee review sites

We substantiated our findings through direct conversations with individuals associated with both target organisations.

Our approach maintained client confidentiality whilst gaining insights that would otherwise not be available. Ultimately, we provided a function-based organisation chart for each target, including staff numbers and structure.

This helped our client make a better-informed decision on optimum organisation design going forward.

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How talent intelligence could help your business

Our talent intelligence service offers insights into any aspect of talent. Whether you’re restructuring, looking for new office locations or want to understand competitors or your own employer brand perception, our insights can help to guide informed decisions and minimise risk.

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