Why us

Our client, a global consumer business, was undergoing a huge transformation which was impacting the entire organisation worldwide. As part of a repositioning of the business and its products, they needed to find a senior leader to manage a key aspect of the transformation.


Our client had attempted to fill the position previously without success, so engaged us on a global search to locate the right person for the role.

At a glance: our client

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Talent search

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Business size


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Target Country


What we achieved for them


More than £55,000 cost saving

vs traditional recruitment methods


A perfect-fit candidate

together with future talent for the business


Understanding of competitors

and how this key function worked in other companies


Needing the right person to oversee the business transformation

Our client was well-established and highly successful with its current brands but was seeking to undergo a significant global transformation which would impact the whole of the business.

This would move the company to a more consumer-focused approach and involve changing product categories, sales models and routes to market. An important part of this was a technical/IT transformation within the business and our client therefore needed a global senior platform engineering leader with experience of managing a similar level of transformation.

Reporting to a global VP, the successful candidate needed to be able to manage a specialist team of engineers and architects spread across the world. Additionally, candidates in this field are very much in demand and the role, for the vast majority, would require a relocation.


Carrying out a global search for a very specific skillset

Given the detailed requirements for the role and the fact that this was an entirely new area for our client, we understood that our search would need to have a global reach.

We began by mapping the market to generate potential candidate options. We spent six weeks identifying and engaging with talent in the UK, Europe, US, Australasia and Asia-Pacific.

Our focus was on individuals in platform engineering leadership roles within global brands who had experienced major transformation and who were familiar with consumer-facing technologies, facilitation access to products. Our understanding of the marketplace allowed us to expand the target list and open up wider candidate opportunities.

In total, we generated 10 suitable candidates from seven different countries. This long-list was supplied to the client with details of each candidate’s experience, education, remuneration and fit with the role.

From this list, the client took five candidates through a robust interview process appropriate to the seniority of the role. A candidate who was experienced in FMCG, telecommunications and major consumer transformation was offered and accepted the role. They were not actively seeking a new opportunity and would not have considered applying for an advertised role, so it was only via our proactive approach that our client was able to engage with and secure this candidate.

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Proactively seeking out candidates with niche skills

For our clients, our ability to conduct global searches to find candidates with the right experience and skillsets is invaluable. Our approach allows us to closely target your needs and find candidates who are not in market and who would be missed by job adverts or a traditional recruitment approach.

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