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Talent Insight Group company day

We enjoyed a successful ‘Company Day’ in Newcastle on Tuesday 4th June 2019.

The whole team got together to share ideas on a range of themes including client reporting, project planning, best practice, quantitative data and GDPR updates, amongst other topics.

It was a fascinating day with some brilliant takeaways for everyone in the business.

Joint Managing Director David Steel said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was extremely productive, reminding me yet again what a brilliant team we have. Thanks to everyone for their contributions, especially Jenesis Squires and Lauren O’Brien for arranging the day, creating the agenda, pulling the slides together and organising the pizza!”

Tim Gleave added, “It was a wonderful day and exhilarating to be sat round the table with such a talented team. It was a real pleasure to be there!”

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Who’s who at Talent Insight Group

Our team are one of things that makes our business different. Not only do we have a wealth of experience that they share with our clients, we also have a great culture which guides the way we approach projects.

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