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Key learnings two years in…

Joint MD Tim Gleave reflects on our journey over the past 24 months.

As Talent Insight Group commences it’s ‘Year 3’, I have been reflecting on our journey over the past 24 months. It has been a very positive journey thus far and I thought it would be useful to share key experiences and tips with fellow professionals embarking on a similar new business adventure.

What I've learned so far

These are my top 10 takeaways:

1. Know your friends

The most humbling thing for me over the past couple of years is how receptive my existing network has been. I’ve known most of my business contacts for many years and have been truly overwhelmed by how helpful people have been and how many have become clients again and helped our business grow. Be proactive with your network!

2. Have focus

If you are good at something and it is well received, then keep offering it. Never forget your roots and where your credibility came from. Evolve rather than take a huge revolutionary punt at the outset.

3. Be honest

Provide straight answers, even if it's not the answer your client may expect to hear. Only take on projects you know you can deliver. You are respected more for being consultative. Long term gain is better than short term pain!

4. Roll your sleeves up

If you are a new business owner, then there is much more to it that the core job. Enjoy making the coffee, putting out the rubbish, buying office essentials, washing the tea-towels. If you don’t embrace this, you’ll get frustrated very quickly!

5. Let your team shine

Don’t micro-manage and don’t front up every client call. You’ll just get stressed and your team will never truly reach their potential. Give ownership to your team – you are likely to find that their ideas are much better than your own!

6. Be flexible

If people want to work from home, then fine. Give your team space to feel comfortable and shine. Long gone are the days of a rigid 9-5.

7. Admin: don’t let it get on top of you

I could spend all day, every day, processing paperwork. Don’t be a busy fool. Set aside a period of time at the start or end of the day to cover off, and don’t let it bother you too much in the meantime.

8. Travel wisely

I used to travel excessively. I became worn out and missed my family so much when away. Make use of video calls. They are brilliant and save time and money and sanity! Double up on meetings when possible. Don’t travel hundreds of miles just for one meeting. Clients wouldn’t want this either!

9. Switch off

Work is important but not as important as loved ones at home. Leave the office on time if you can. Refrain from checking emails and responding to messages deep in-to the evening and weekend – this doesn’t do you or your family any favours!

10. Team spirit

This is my key takeaway. Listen, support, praise, encourage, laugh. We’ve been through so much as a team in the last 24 months, but we have got stronger every day. This in part is due to the spirit and bond that we all have – a core DNA that runs through the business.

Sharing ideas

If the above ramblings help just one person achieve their dreams of building their own business, then this post will have been a success. I’d also love to hear of any other tips to help with our own journey moving forward.

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