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Two months in...

We've been trading two months as of today! We always hoped that we'd get off to a good start, but we couldn't have dreamed of how October and November have panned out.

We have made some great hires and already worked with a number of fantastic clients on insight and research assignments across South America, the Middle East, US/Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and around the UK.

Thank you to everyone, both within Talent Insight Group and externally, who has helped to make this happen. We really appreciate it.

This is just the start…

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Our case studies offer a deeper look at the type of the work we do for our clients and the benefits it brings.

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Find out how things progressed for us as we share our thoughts of what we’ve learned along the way.

Two years in
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Who's who in our team

Those great hires are still with us. Read more about our experienced team and the skills they could bring to your project.

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